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As a piano lesson instructor, you may have to send an invoice to your client to get paid for your services. This is a free invoice generator that can be used to email an invoice online, print it, or download the PDF format. It is an efficient way to bill clients/students and get paid fast. Reduce the use of manual paper invoices and use this digital format for simple billing and invoicing.


  • Description area for you to describe the piano lessons provided. Let your clients the payment methods you accept like checks, PayPal, Credit, Debit card, cash apps, etc.
  • You can input the invoice number, date, and select yes or no to indicate if the service is taxed.
  • Input the name of the dance lessons and the amount changed
  • Add or delete lines for services offered
  • Upload a logo or no logo
  • Download the PDF format, print the invoice, or send it by email.