Posted on Aug 13, 2021

Barn quilt

Barn quilts are made for show not to be used in the winter. The types of quilts that are hung from the outside of a building are typically made with a large pattern that is painted on a piece of wood. The reason for this is because they are meant to attract attention and to be decorative.

A barn quilt is used to decorate a barn or other types of buildings on the outside. It is a public art used to entertain travelers as they pass through a county or city. Farmers also take pride in having these pieces of art/pattern on their barns. This type of quilt is usually hung up when it is time for a fair to be held in a particular town. These pieces of art are meant to be durable enough to stand up to weather elements of the outdoors. They are also relatively large so that they can be seen from a far distance.

The history of barn quilts actually came from Germany and it was brought over by immigrants who moved to the United States of America. Barn quilts can be found hanging on many different types of buildings such as churches, barns, and homes but it is most often displayed on barns.

Only recently has barn quilts become more popular throughout the United States. Quilters have begun decorating their barns with beautiful patterns that represent where they live.